About Remote Safety

Once the Remote Safety device has been attached to the weapon it will allow you to disable and enable any non – lethal and lethal weapon.

The main use of a Remote Safety device is on a paintball marker. Each paintball marker has a bespoke design for each brand. At Remote Safety we can design an install a device for almost every paintball marker on the market.

The game marshal can turn on/off a paintball marker up to a 350-meter radius for any emergency or non-emergency reason.

Having a Remote Safety device allows the marshal to have a lot more control over a paintball game, making this a safer environment for the players. This could even reduce the number of staff needed to control a paintball game.

There are many reasons for installing a Remote Safety device; one great advantage is that this can provide you up to 20-30% off your current insurance premium with selected insurers linked to Remote Safety Ltd.  

Each device made is carefully created and installed and then tested before use by the Remote Safety team.


Patent Approved


Published 26/04/17

How it works


The controller sends a coded radio signal to the Remote Safety device or devices, which then activates the device putting the paintball marker or markers into ‘Safe mode’.

Each device is programed to a certain channel allowing more than one paintball game to run at a time.

The controller can send a signal up to a 350-meter radius.

The device runs on 3xAAA rechargeable batteries, the device will indicate the battery is running low and will then need to be recharged with a plug in charger or a wireless inductive charging. 

Design & Bulk Buying

Remote Safety Ltd can design and build a device for almost any paintball marker and lethal/ non - lethal weapon. 

For more informaiton please email - info@RemoteSafety.co.uk


We offer discount with bulk buying. Please email us for more information - info@RemoteSafety.co.uk