Each device has a bespoke design for each Paintball Marker and leathal or non leathal weapon. Our design team will design the device to fit amost any leathal or non leathal weapon. 

For common Paintball Markers like the Inferno and BT Combat, we already have the device made up and tested and ready to use. 

Start to Finish

- Design team will design a device for your Marker or leathal or non leathal weapon. (1 - 2 weeks)


- The device will be put through Remote Safety Limited testing. (1 - 2 weeks)


- The devices will be made in bulk (1 - 2 weeks)


- All devices will be fitted and tested (1 - 3 weeks)


Total: 4 - 9 weeks



To purchase a Remote Safety product in bulk, Please email us



We can design a Remote Safety device for most Paintball Markers



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